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How to Increase Your Bench Press and Build Your Upper Body Muscle Mass Fast

It is well known that the bench press is one of the ideal exercises to build up muscle in the upper body. A common question that many bodybuilders want to find out is how much you can bench press. Let us get to the point and see how to build up muscle and get a larger bench press.

Build up your triceps. Nearly two thirds of the total muscle mass on your arms is composed of the triceps muscle. The ideal exercises to build up muscle on your triceps are using barbells and dumbbells, and doing close grip bench presses and skull crushers. Exercises that involve isolating the muscle are not as good because they isolate the muscle completely. Building up your triceps will certainly add weight to your bench press.

Train your triceps separately. Most of the time, bodybuilding routines advise that you train the chest in the same training session as the triceps. If you train them separately, you can focus on the triceps, train them intensely, and build up muscle growth faster. Try this over a spell of a few weeks, and then see how many more kilograms you are able to bench press.

Change is good. Have you been doing that same old workout regimen for months now? When your muscles have done the same workout a few times, they become used to it and therefore the need to keep growing muscle is not needed. Keep changing things around, it can be slight changes like changing the grip width or even reversing the order of your regimen or they can be more drastic changes such as doing supersets or compound sets and others.

Make sure you are not doing too much. While with most things in life more is better, in muscle building this is not quite true. If you do too much and overtrain your chest then it can struggle to recover and find it hard to grow more. Focus on intensity and technique as opposed to quantity. A short intense workout is much more effective than a long drawn out one.

Rest well. Your muscles will not grow at the gym! In fact, they will grow while you are resting. If you do not give them adequate time for growing, then you just will not grow. To avoid overtraining, a general rule to follow is to limit yourself to 6-9 sets every session for each muscle group.

Take a break from training. If you reach a training plateau, then think about taking a total break. Let your body completely recover from all the strains, come back to your exercises a week or so later, and be even more motivated.

Look at your diet. Are you eating 6 meals a day with a minimum of 1 gram of protein for every pound of bodyweight you have? If you are not, then you are most likely limiting your gains by not following a muscle building diet. Following a proper muscle building diet is essential in building muscle mass, so in every meal try to consume 50% carbohydrates, 30% proteins, and the rest can include fats.

Concentrate on your technique. Are you pressing correctly? Bad technique can take away the focus from the chest muscles and can put you at elevated risk of injury. Make sure you are not lifting your feet up off the ground and that your hands are not grasping the bar too close together. These are the two most commonly made errors.

By sticking to the tips above you will be greatly increasing your chance to develop more muscle mass on your chest quickly.


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